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Held on Line via Zoom

18th March 2021 at 19.30.

Participants: President David Nicholson Elland G.C. 

  Retiring President Paul Greenwood West End G.C.

Treasurer Ian Black Lightcliffe G.C.

Foundation Trophy Coordinator Graham Tolley Lightcliffe G.C.

Hon. Secretary David Greenwood


  Club Representatives:

Andrew Spencer Halifax G.C.

Shaun Higgins Crow Nest Park G.C

Joe Coulter Bradley Hall G.C.

John Ainley Elland G.C.

Mick Robertson Hebden Bridge G.C.


The meeting was officially opened by:

Hon Secretary David Greenwood who welcomed all to the Zoom Meeting a first for the Association.


Apologies for Absence:

Ryburn: David Rigler (Due to another meeting at Ryburn G.C.

Obituaries :

Mr.Mike Hannaby (West End G.C.) - Mr Barry Ingham (West End G.C.

Mr. David Beecroft (Halifax G.C.) - Mr. Jim Hoyle (West End G.C.)

1. Minutes of 50th AGM: 28 March 2019

As previously circulated. No errors or queries raised.

Proposed by David Nicholson (Elland G.C.), Seconded by Paul Greenwood (West End G.C.) Unanimously approved. It was agreed to take any matters arising through the meeting.


2. Secretary’s Report:


Due to the Covid, the 2020 association season was cancelled.  Our Incoming President Alan Murray (Todmorden) stepped down due to personal reasons, his Vice President David Nicholson

from Elland G.C. agreed to step in but was not called on due to season being cancelled. 

The Committee had a Zoom meeting on Feb 11th and put forward some proposals for the coming season which are attached for approval.

 3. Treasurer’s Report:


 2020/21 HXPRCGA Financial Report.


As we all know in 2020/21 there were no subscriptions and no competitions and also no dinner. There was work on continuing the website set up which should now be £14 pa maintenance unless any substantial work is needed.



The only movements were as follows:

Opening cash balance  per 2019/20 Accounts.                           £1,353

Payment of donation agreed  by members                                  £300

Web further set up.                                                                      £84

Web annual fees.                                                                        £14

Total payments.                                                                            (£398)

 CASH BALANCE AT END YEAR.                                                £955



We still have 63 ties in stock and they are available as before for clubs’ past rabbits captains for the year just gone. Pls contact treasurer for collection and any donation (suggested £10) 



Please note that two of 2019/20 prize winners donated their prizes back to PRC in April 2020 when none of us had any idea of the likely impact of Covid as follows

Joe Coulter (Bradley Hall ) £30 runner up Order of Merit

Chris Burke (Lightcliffe ) £25 runner up Foundation. 


The committee agreed to add these to the donation to Macmillan Nurses in Calderdale and hence gave a total donation of £355 on members’ behalf.

There is no donation due in respect of 2020/21. 



Our assumption is that competitions and dinner will happen this year.

I hence propose to keep the subs at £3 per past rabbits captain at each club and foundation entry fees at £4 per head. (Ie £8 per pair).

If no competitions happen because of Covid I would propose no subs or fees.

We will know more about any dinner later on in the year. 


Ian also stated he would like to thank the two competition winners Joe Coulter (Bradley Hall) and Chris Burke (Lightcliffe) who kindly donated their winnings back to the association which were then passed onto the President’s Charity.

It was also suggested that due to the amount of Past Rabbit Captain ties still in stock that the Club Representatives approached new Rabbit Captains to push the ties. If they would like to contact Ian Black he will then arrange to get ties to them. The ties are free but as it the past, a donation of £10.00 was suggested.


The Treasurer stated that as we had £955.00 in the bank it may be possible to use some of this to subsidise the Annual dinner to attract more people to attend. This will be reviewed nearer the date.


4. Outgoing President’s Report: Submitted by Paul Greenwood, this report was sent out prior to the AGM to cut down on the Zoom Time.

To say that my year of office was interesting would be the

 understatement of the year. I knew we had some problems, but I was unaware how much time and help we needed. Having spent 7 years as Secretary, working with Chris. Iredale, and following the death of stalwart Roger Heap, I was aware that the Computer system was well out of date and very difficult to operate. We were not communicating with our Members, although a few different ideas had been looked into and passed over. 

Our membership was dropping quickly and fewer and fewer players were turning up for the Competitions and Social events. Getting Members to assist in the “behind the scenes” work was usually left to those few willing, reliable people who are well known to us all. Some were running two jobs and we desperately needed someone to fill the position of Secretary following the sad passing of Peter Irving. We also lost the players from Queensbury Golf Club, making our numbers drop to only 9 clubs.

Following the A.G.M. in 2019/20 when I took over as President, a fellow none Rabbit at West End - Craig McMinn came up to me and asked if he could help with the introduction of newer, modern Computer system which would not cost us over £500. In fact it is much less the £100 per year, and has been of immense help without having a detrimental effect on the subs or fees. I can only thank Craig for his kind help, which was given without charge and has assisted us immensely. 

With the demise of Queensbury G.C. we needed to consider the rotation of the remaining Clubs and Presidents. We were able to get the services of a Todmorden G.C. Member as Vice President, but the pandemic COVID 19 put paid to that!   I am delighted to say that to our new Secretary we have gained the Services of both a new President and Vice President, who will be announced shortly.

Our new Secretary is David Greenwood who is doing a great job and has many ideas of his own to take us forward into to next 50 years. ZOOM Meetings being only one. He is also working tirelessly with the new and existing Representatives, helping and believing in the procedure of closer communication between the Club Members and the top table. David will see to the running of the Club along with our Treasurer Ian Black, who for a long while was running two jobs. Big thankyou’s go to Ian for keeping us together during some bad times. 

We celebrated 50 years at the Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation, held at West End G.C. in late 2019. This was a great success, and I hope will continue into the future. I feel that I have gone on long enough and it is time to sit down and shut up. In closing may I thank you all for a wonderful and memorable period of time. Being President of the Association has been a proud time in my life and I wish you all a long and friendly future.

5. Election of Officers:

Paul Greenwood (West End G.C.) had previously handed the chain of office of President over to David Nicholson (Elland G.C) due to Covid - 19 restrictions.

The following were voted in en bloc:

President: David Nicholson (Elland G.C.) 

Vice President: Keith Aldridge (Bradley Hall G.C.)

Hon. Secretary: David Greenwood 

Treasurer: Ian Black (Lightcliffe)

Foundation Trophy: Graham Tolley (Lightcliffe)

Website Coordinator: David Greenwood

Club Reps:

Bradley Hall        Joe Coulter

Crow Nest Park  Shaun Higgins

Elland                   John Ainley

Hebden Bridge   Mick Robertson

Lightcliffe            John Radcliffe

Halifax Ogden    Andrew Spencer

Ryburn             David Rigler

Todmorden       Alan Payne

West End         ???

6. Incoming President Remarks:

I feel very honoured to represent Halifax Past Rabbit Captains as President in 2021. I would like to thank Paul Greenwood, Ian Black and David Greenwood for all their hard work for the association and look forward to working with Keith Aldridge our Vice President. Finally I would like to wish everybody a safe and happy golfing year in 2021.

7. Subscriptions and Competition Fees:

The Committee propose that no increase be made to te subs and competition fees for 2021 and will remain at:

Membership: £3.00

Foundation: £4.00

But in the event of competitions being cancelled due to Corvid-19 no subs will be collecte

8. Competition Dates:


Sam Hall Salver: Sunday 6th June at Elland G.C.


Roger Heap Trophy: Tuesday 27th July at Bradley Hall G.C.


Past Captains Cup (Away Day): Friday 3rd September at Shipley (Beckfoot) G.C.


Order of Merit: Hon Secretary to update after the conclusion of each competition.


9. Foundation Trophy:

Graham Tolley has agreed to continue to organise this event and has asked that all Club Reps send him entrants Name, email and contact number for both members of the pair by the 27th April.

10. Annual Dinner 2021.

The dinner was discussed and the President stated he had now secured a date at Elland G.C for Saturday 20th November. Further details to follow as to cost, menu and entertainment.

11. A.O.B.


World Golf Handicap System:


Handicaps were discussed for the coming competitions and it was agreed that the Golf England App was the best for working out the handicaps and that association members were encouraged to download this App. Going forward we would contact the Professionals at Elland, Bradley Hall and Shipley Beckfoot for clarification nearer the time of the competitions.


Association Website:


Ian Black would like it minuting that the work that Craig Mcminn (West End Member) has put in on redesigning the Website virtually for nothing was a tremendous improvement on previous versions and should be commended.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 20.15pm.


Held at West End Golf Club

26th March 2019 at 19.30.

Present: 28 Members were in attendance including HXPRCGA President John Morgan,

President HHDUGC Gordon Abernethy, HXPRCGA Vice President Paul Greenwood, 

Acting Secretary/Treasurer Ian Black.


The meeting was officially opened by:

Warren Parker (2019 Vice-Captain of West End and an ex Rabbit Captain) 

He welcomed everyone to his club and wished the association an enjoyable year.


The retiring President John Morgan then took the Chair to open the meeting.


Apologies for Absence:

Lightcliffe: T Harris, D. Priestley, G.Tolley. M. Connolly, S. Shervill,

West End:  L. Carman (Captain WEGC), K. Lyons, K. Hill, K. Crowley, M. Holroyd

Bradley Hal: T. Beeches. G. Baron, M. Arden. J. Coulter

Halifax Ogden:  S. Griffiths, I. Thomas

Crow Nest Park:  S. Higgins  

Ryburn:  M. Haigh

Obituaries :

Ian Black explained that Peter Irving (Lightcliffe GC), our secretary had passed away at Overgate Hospice on Tuesday 19th March after a long battle with cancer (funeral at 10.30am 3rd April at Elland Crematorium and after at Lightcliffe GC). He explained that Peter had put himself wholeheartedly into the role as secretary of our association and had enjoyed his time as a member and referring to the later scheduled discussion wanted it to be known that he hoped our Association continues to survive and grow stronger.


There was also the notification of the passing of Geoff Taylor (Ryburn GC)

A minute’s silence was held for all previous Rabbits Captains who had passed away during the year.

1. Minutes of 49th AGM: 28 March 2018

As previously circulated. No errors or queries raised.

Proposed by Dave Greenwood (West End), Seconded by John Radcliffe (Lightcliffe) Unanimously approved. It was agreed to take any matters arising through the meeting.


2. Secretary’s Report:


Ian Black gave a verbal update. No errors or queries were raised.

Proposed by Sam Shield and Andy Emms (both Ryburn). Unanimously approved.


 3. Treasurer’s Report:


As circulated. I Black as treasurer referenced that we had made a surplus of £333 before any donation.

All competitions had at least broken even

All clubs had paid their subs and Foundation entry fees on time.

The foundation had 56 entries, the same as the previous year, but considerably upon the 34 in the previous year and was our best entry for over ten years.

We have £1,601 in funds and 70 ties.

It was agreed to retain the subscriptions at £3 per past rabbit captain and £4 per individual entry (£8 per team) in the Foundation Trophy.

At John Morgan’s suggestion it was agreed to donate £300 (just below our surplus to Overgate Hospice).

All were proposed by John Moran (Ryburn) and seconded by Sam Shield (Ryburn). Unanimously approved.


4. President’s Report: (Given by John Morgan).

John referenced the ongoing debate on the future of our Association. He said it had been a real privilege for him and he had enjoyed his year immensely and particularly noted the following

He thanked Paul Greenwood for all his sterling work, especially organising the Association competitions and Awayday

He thanked Graham Tolley for organising the Foundation for this year and willingness to continue

He thanked Keith Aldridge for organising the Away day at Skipton Golf Club.

He was sorry that the Annual Dinner had not happened this last year and this was sadly missed by all members in the room.

He awarded prizes as follows


Sam Hall Salver (Ryburn):  Ian Black

Roger Heap Trophy (West End):   Ian Black

Past Captains Cup (Away Day) John Morgan

Order Of Merit Ian Black

Foundation Trophy David Middleton and Mike Arden of Bradley Hall

5. Election of Officers:

John Morgan handed the chain of office of President to Paul Greenwood

The following were voted in en bloc:

President: Paul Greenwood (West End) President

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Ian Black (Lightcliffe)

Foundation Trophy: Graham Tolley (Lightcliffe)

Website Coordinator: Vacant.

Club Reps:

Bradley Hall        Mike Arden

Crow Nest Park  Peter Horrocks

Elland                   Peter Fletcher

Hebden Bridge   Colin Greenwood

Lightcliffe            John Radcliffe

Halifax Ogden    Robert Jowett

Queensbury       ?

Ryburn             Michael Haigh

Todmorden       Alan Payne

West End         David Greenwood​

6. Incoming President Remarks:

Paul Greenwood (West End) took the chair. His first action was to thank John Morgan for his successful year and he hoped to build on it.

He updated the meeting that he was in discussions with Queensbury as the next in line club, re. whether they could provide a Vice President for this year and was hopeful this could be resolved by the end of April.

He also asked for volunteers for the role of secretary and mentioned this as the key role for the future success of our Association. There were no volunteers on the night.

There was considerable discussion on the website. There were no volunteers but Craig McMinn (West End) volunteered to look at the site and make suggestions. The President and acting secretary agreed to get things moving on this and there was agreement in the room (without a formal proposal) to use some of our money in the bank to develop this).

He then went on to ask members to support the

Sam Hall Salver   - West End - Monday 24 June 2019 tee times 4 till 6pm

Roger Heap Trophy -  Queensbury/Todmorden TBA

Past Captains Cup (Away Day) - Leigh GC - Friday 6th September 2019

It was agreed the Order of Merit Trophy would again be considered over each member’s best two rounds in the above competitions.  

7. Dinner Dance:

There was much discussion and the following was agreed as an outline plan

Mixed dinner with partners at West End on Friday 15th/Saturday 16th November. The venue could cope with large numbers a raffle would also be held prizes to be donated by members ticket at £5.00 per strip.

The room was in favour and the following was agreed

Some kind of live music to be organised by the President would be great

We should present trophies on the night.


8. Foundation Trophy:

Graham Tolley said that entries were flooding in, but he would impose a closing date of 1st April 2019 and draw on that date. The final date would be agreed between the relevant two teams but a target of 30th September would apply. ​

9. Ties:

The Treasurer reported that he had 70 ties and would prefer them to be used rather than holding out for payment. It was agreed to continue with our rule of the ties being available to each past rabbits captain, but to also accept a £10 donation. Please contact ian black (note ties were given and all donations received subsequent to the meeting.)

10. Future of the Association:

There was some considerable discussion about the need to continue

Consider different formats for our competitions.

Timing of our competitions.


The President said he would look into this and reiterated the need for a secretary.

There was agreement between all members that our Association is special and we should aim to keep it going.

The Meeting was closed at 9:15 pm

Next AGM  March 2020 (date to be advised


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